Pamela RidgwayAbout Pamela

Pamela Ridgway has been an extreme athlete most of her life. As a child, you could always find her on the playground competing with the boys in running, broad jump or tetherball. In her twenties, she began training for marathons which included a healthy, balanced diet and lots of rest. Pamela completed 13 marathons and more than 100 10k’s and 50 half-marathons before the age of 48 years old. Additionally, she added long distance cycling, competitive tennis and sailboat racing to her resume of sports which has spanned more than 25 years. During this time however, Pamela was diagnosed with breast cancer, not once, but three times.

She is a true SURVIVOR………

Following her passion for Health & Wellness, she has spent time coaching others to eat better and train lighter: as a yoga instructor, yoga and strength training are cornerstones of a fitness program and a large part of Pamela’s personal program. As we all age we need much more support around many areas of our life through gradual “change and learning”.

Her goal is to Educate, Motivate and Inspire her clients.

I am very passionate about taking care of my own health. That means that I Detox for better health 4 times a year. I have created a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Detox Program for myself & my clients. Each Program is based on “Whole Foods” & “In-Season” and can be done for as lttle as 7 days or as long as 14, 21 or for as long as you like.

As someone who has experienced both sleep issues and body aches for over 15 years without help from medical doctors, Pamela has found great success in going gluten-free. She had been looking for a way to feel healthy, rested, energized and youthful without success. In January of 2012, she decided to go gluten-free because she had read many books about the subject and talked to a few other Health Coaches that had clients who felt great after just a month of trying this new way of eating.

After just 3 months of eating without gluten in my diet, I am feeling MUCH better and sleeping more deeply and longer at night. I just finished pulling together my own gluten-free guide for those who want to know more about being gluten-free. It is called The Ultimate ABC & 1-2-3 Going Gluten Free & Detox Guide.